Designing for a Low-Carbon Future

UX Research, UX Design

Brief Overview:

Sept 30th, 2022

“ Investigate, analyse, understand and work with your team to come up with a solution, a solution that could be a policy, an application, a physical product, just anything that works towards creating a Low-Carbon Future, 5 years in the future!”


Secondary Research:

Problem Statement:

We now worked towards having a holistic understanding of the ecosystem as reaching an effective solution for most problems requires three faced understanding: Business, Technology, and Users.

Lo-Fi Prototyping:

Usability Testing:

Actual pictures of usability test of the prototypes
Hi-fidelity application!
Final app screens!


Working in a multidisciplinary team enhances product design by a lot!:

Don’t fall in love with your ideas!

Disagreements are important: maintain constructive discourse regardless of how difficult it gets!

Think crazy but focus on one conversation at a time:



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